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Hey everyone!

I hope this finds you well. A lot of fun things have been happening lately! The long awaited "Wild Abandon" epistolary novel is releasing soon. We're so excited for what's on the horizon.

Life in the PNW has been pretty spectacular. Sheridan has become a very peaceful compound for my family to retreat to. It gets a little too quiet in Wyoming at times lol, but that's exactly what I was looking for. Oregon and Washington have been so much fun exploring when I need inspiration. Having the warehouse back in FL was the smartest move plus it gives me a chance to hibernate at home there in the winter. I still need the beach life in there somewhere lol. Thank you all for being so supportive in my new venture. Click on the heart below that's beside my name to read my newest update for Courtney!

The past week in Las Vegas has been one of the best so far! Talking with the incomparable, E.L.James, was the highlight. It will always be Ana & Grey in my world. Today is the last full day of sessions and we are all fried at this point, but are still soaking it all up. We've made a lot of connections and new collabs are in the works, which means new positions opening up within the company. Keep an eye out on my updates page. Find your tribe! 

On another note, kindly disregard people who claim to know me or related to me to name drop. If it doesn't come from me or my team, then they are irrelevant. I'll never understand that level of incessant need for attention.


We're very excited for the holidays and what's ahead in 2024! This next year brings a lot of new changes that I'm very excited for. On that note, I will no longer entertain anyone who does not match my energy in my personal or professional life. I'm closing the door of anyone with the potential of narcissism, misogyny, or toxicity.


Thank you! Keep sending in those emails and comments for the new "Envy" Podcast!

Light & Love,

xx  Shannon Lewis


PNW. Wyoming . Palm Beach FL.

Author, Adoption/PTSD Counselor, Case Management, Speaker, ASL  Interpreter.

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