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Hey everyone!

I hope this finds you well. A lot of fun things have been happening lately! The long awaited "Wild Abandon" epistolary novel is releasing in November. We're so excited for what's on the horizon.

There's been a lot of questions that have come in regarding the move to the PNW. Thank you all for being so supportive in my new venture. I will answer all your questions as soon as I can with a link to a statement. I know your curious about the update on my partner as well. It's been pretty hectic here trying to get settled in to a new life and some new career opportunities so I've gotten behind on the update. I promise it's coming!

The next few months are busy traveling to Las Vegas in November for the yearly conference. We're very excited for this years conference since E.L. James (Ana & Grey) and her husband, Niall Leonard will be on several panels. The trip to the Frankfurt book fair is a go as well. I made the choice for my "50th" birthday. You all gave me some great suggestions. It was a hard decision to not go to Italy at this time. I'll go one day, but not now. So my choice is Bangkok, Thailand!! I'll be there for 3 weeks, as of right now.


I'm excited to team up with the Gary Sinise Foundation in Orlando this December for their Snowball Express! It's an honor to have been invited to attend for our military and first responders families. It makes me miss those who were supposed to attend with me this year. Also, it's almost time for Wreaths across America, let's help our Veterans! Thank you for your continued support and look for my link about my updates in the next day or two. Keep sending in those emails and comments for the new "Envy" Podcast!

Light & Love,

xx  Shannon Lewis


PNW. Nashville . DC . Edinburgh . 

Author, Adoption Advocate. Speaker.

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